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Re: Seth Macfarlane tapped to host this years Academy Awards!

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The host was fine. I liked him. But the Oscars is all politics. And having the First Lady at the end did nothing to lessen that feeling.

That was totally inappropriate.
Oh, please. Laura Bush appeared on the Oscars in a taped segment in 2002, and Presidents Reagan (as POTUS, not as an actor) and FDR made a video and radio message respectively. It's hardly anything new or out of bounds.

And what difference does it make? As mentioned, she holds no office, she has no influence over the awards, so what's the problem? There's no conflict of interest.

It's just people having an infantile reaction to someone who's married to a politician they don't like having the gall to appear on their sacred TV screens. BFD. Just because you don't like a politician doesn't mean you have to be repulsed by every little thing connected to them, even if it has nothing to do with the running of the country whatsoever.
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