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Re: M'ress appreciation thread

A very unusual find...

M'Ress as drawn and painted by none other than Wendy Pini, artist and co-creator of "ElfQuest"! The description states this was from 1975 when EQ was still a few years in Wendy's future.

I'm not sure if linking an eBay page is permitted, so for anyone curious, just go to the famed auction site and type in "M'Ress" as the search parameter.

(Keep in mind the entry will probably be accessable until early March 2013. After that, the auction will close and the entry eventually disappear.)

No, not a piece I'm trying to auction. I just stumbled across it during a Google search. Neither am I even considering buying it, even at one seventh the asking price. I saved the hi-res photo to my local drive, so I'm happy with that.


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