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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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I wonder if the Botany Bay isn't like the treasure/weapon everyone is racing to get to first in the movie?
In some ways, it could be. Or its crew. I've kind of thought the Botany Bay was found, who its crew is discovered, and the Federation, with no idea what to do with them, keeps them in stasis in secret London. A Guantanamo type of thing, at least until they decide what to do with them.
Harrison, whos's been studying them, "goes Marla," to the point of even enhancing himself. He believes they should be released. He also knows Starfleet's fear of that.
The line Spock has in "Space Seed" about whether or not the Federation would want it known that all those Napoleons are loose in the galaxy triggered the thought in my mind. There's also the moral issue of reviving them or keeping them in stasis given they may be criminals. Hence, Harrison's position wouldn't be totally without merit.

Of course that opinion and five bucks will get you a latte at Starbucks.
It's as good of a theory as any other we have right now.
I'm cutting and pasting that post into a Word document to save, and I'll bring it back and blast it all over these boards on May 18, if I'm correct.
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