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Re: Are the Voyager novels not as popular?

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...all of which makes it a challenge for an editor, because they have to balance both of these totally rational points of view together. The way I figure it, I'm just in it for good stories; if the story is well-told and in-universe-consistent enough, the fact that I know only the lit characters are going to die and the canon characters are probably coming back to life is something I can live with.
Yeah, it's a balancing act. You have to keep one eye on the folks who read every book religiously and are very familiar with the TrekLit universe, and the other eye on the casual reader who picked up the book at the airport expecting something just like the TV shows.

(It was the same thing writing the DC Comics novels, btw. I always tried to write for a hypothetical reader who probably had some familiarity with Batman and Wonder Woman and the rest, but who hadn't necessarily read the last seventeen issues of JLA or TEEN TITANS.)
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