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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

Hmm, so the Thunder are on the verge of re-signing Derek Fisher, at least according to a recent report I read yesterday. Verrrrrry interesting. Didn't they also trade Eric Maynor before the deadline too?

My admittedly negative take on all this backcourt activity may be the dreded "domino effect" in action. The domino effect sometimes occurs when a team trades a key player (oreven, sometimes not so key) and that trade has ripples far down the line that may not have been visible back when the original decision was made.

For example, and this is hypothetical, Thunder kinda okay with letting Harden go because among other things (including Kelvin Martin, who is no Harden), they also have hot young prospect, Maynor, coming back from injury.

But Maynor obviously didn't work out so they (reportedly) trade him, possibly in a salary dump, and now need another guard. Thus, Fish (who I still love). Had Harden stayed, there may not have been nearly the pressure on Maynor to succeed "now" and he might still be a Thunder and Fish -- still unemployed. Course I could be completely wrong, but it just smells true to me.

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