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What species is that? I've never read Strike Zone.

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Related but independent question. I have been doing my own Trekverse read for the last year or so. I started with the DS9 relaunch, read the first Voyager relaunch and was about to start on the TNG relaunch and Titan into Destiny and beyond, but at the last minute decided to read the "Time To" series first. Now I'm pondering if once I'm done with that I should move on as planned or go back and start NF. I think its something like 18 books of NF to catch up to where the "Time To" series ends. Any suggestions?
Don't worry about NF. You can see from the flowchart in my signature that the only places it intersects are Gateways, which is totally skippable, and the Mirror Universe, which actually causes some continuity problems anyway and is thus pretty skippable there too.

There are some references, but nothing too specific. I'd just go through the flowchart starting from A Time To... and keep going on your current plan.
one of the final NF books has destiny spoilers mind. I remember someone here got in hot water by saying otherwise a few months back.
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