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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Ship of Tears - Well, I had guessed ISN would return as a propoganda network, and I was right. Bester is back this episode, and Koenig is awesome like always. I'm glad G'kar finally gets to join the group. He definately deserves to be in it. The scenes with Delenn talking to G'Kar were very good. The White Star mission was interesting. I wish that, when sheridan kicked Bester out of the captain's chair, Bester would have said something about his desire to sit in the captains chair. Although, that probably would have been a bit too obvious a reference. There were a lot of frozen telepaths. The connection between bester and the woman they defrosted was interesting, and let us see a different side of Bester. The shadows wanting to use telepaths for their ships was a good idea. The fact that telepaths may be a good weapon against the shadows will probably be important. The new war room is a good looking set. I liked seeing a bunch of different alien ships ating as defense for B5 this episode. The flying saucer's were especially cool. Overall, this was a very good episode.
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