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Re: Going Veggie

I am unashamed to say I'm a devote omnivore.. I love me a steak as much as the next person... However, my (now 15 year old) daugher has been a vegetarian for the past couple of years and that has opened a wide world of options when it comes to dinner time..

The move was hard at first, as the rest of us still eat meat, and so dinner time was always a hassle.. Cooking two main dishes was a pain and I vowed not to make this a "Everyone gets a full course meal while my daughter gets to heat up an "Amy's Vegetarian Burrito or a plank of Quorn "Chickn'"... These are fine in a pinch or when we have to eat on the go, but I wanted my daughter to really eat healthy...

So I've become pretty adept at creating meatless dishes that everyone (sometimes even my 12 year old son) can enjoy... Mostly soups and stews, to be sure, but pasta with veggie crumbles tastes just as good as pasta with ground beef...

She will still eat fish and seafood, so that makes it even easier.. And to her credit, she calls herself a "pescaterian" rather than a vegetarian...

So it can be done.. And believe it or not, lentils ARE pretty good!!
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