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Data is the one TNG character that is iconic in the way Kirk and Spock are, and could be brought back, but his iconic-ness is really from an earlier source. He's Pinocchio. So why bother with having him be Data, per se? Come up with a different Pinocchio. Or come up with an android who has something else driving him/her.

And if you want more iconic characters, go back to earlier sources of mythology and fairy tales, and start transferring them into a Star Trek context.

For example, Picard is a variant on the elder/mentor character type, he could be Gandalf or Obi-Wan. Why not just go direct to the source and have a character who truly is a mentor (Admiral, ship's counselor, holographic sidekick, etc) to a younger character?

Worf is the fish-out-of-water, and also an exile from his people. You could assemble two different characters from that, or merge them but come up with someone very different from Worf.

Maybe assemble the characters different ways. The young character on a quest is the Pinocchio. The mentor character is exiled from his/her society. And on and on.

There are any number of archetypes to draw on. Limiting it to TNG is such a waste - those characters are not the strongest that we should hope for, given the range of possibilities.
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