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Re: the Star Wars Expanded universe

I'm surprised that Harrison Ford would have any idea what had transpired in the EU. Frankly, I don't think the producers and writers of the next films will care too much about the EU unless they're serious fanboys themselves. Why should they let twenty years of in-depth backstory prevent them from telling the stories they want to tell? It all comes down to money - the films will make orders of magnitude more money than the books and comics do, so no one is going to let the EU stop them in their run to the bank.

As a Star Wars fan from near the beginning (I saw The Empire Strikes Back in the theaters during its first run as a small child), I like the films, but the EU is so much bigger than the films that they would actually turn me off the new films. There's just too much baggage attached to the EU to film it and expect general audiences to follow the story without a pamphlet and instructional video to review prior to the film.

I fully expect the EU to be trashed by the new films.
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