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Re: Si I finally saw Moulin Rouge!

That is really only the beginning and a few transitions.
Respectfully, I don't agree. I was really trying to be as level-headed as I culd be when I watched this movie. I might not be as familiar with musicals, though there are some that I like, I was trying to examine the shots, the story, the compositions, the tension, the acting, etc.. all of those aspects that I can evaluate on every film I watch.

Then I remembered Siskel and Ebert's review of Batman and Robin, and Siskel complained not about the thin story or the return to campiness in that film.. he didn't even complain about the direction the franchise was going. He simply said that the movie was over-produced that it felt so bloated. That there was nothing left of the film but its own extravagant ego about itself. I felt that his words applied to this film.
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