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Re: What Are You Working On (And How Are You Getting There)?

I'm working on my wedding! Using checklist so I don't miss anything, and using the hell out of my iPhone calendar with reminders and alarms and alerts and everything. Lots of dinging so I don't forget appointments or deadlines. Also enslaving my fiance and family for making centerpieces and stuff. That's my longest-term project right now. Also trying to clear out some old crochet projects before I start any new ones, which of course I have failed at, because I had the overwhelming urge to make a hyperbolic plane this past weekend.

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I've written some fanfics as well and have some that are incomplete, but its hard fo rme to write now because I can't do it at work on the computer and all I have out here with me (I'm in the Army and deployed) is my new sony tablet and I don't know any good android apps that are like Word.
I try to write everything on Google Docs. Drive. Whatever they call it now. And I have it on my Android tablet. I like it because even if something happens to the tablet, my laptop or my work computer, it's still out there in the cloud thing.
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