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Re: The bird is out: ENTERPRISE on blu-ray

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Lots more coming tomorrow where we'll discuss the 720p vs 1080p VFX debate, audio commentaries, cast reunions and music from the show.
Part 2 of the interview with Roger Lay Jr., one of the Producers responsible for value added material for Enterprise on Blu ray.

Interesting how quickly a release date was given. I guess if it wasn't for the team working on TNG championing a similar standard of contemporary extras, ENT would just have been HD episodes off the shelf and all the 2005 SD content ported across. So a lot of what might otherwise have been planned and scheduled to make Season 1, is to follow. He mentions an effort being made to reunite the cast and a wishlist of ideas for future seasons. The last one will be amazing all over again I'm sure... John Billingsley coming onboard for that... being filmed this week, along with Anthony Montgomery, Matt Winston and John Fleck. Jeffrey Combs for an audio commentary presumably.
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