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Re: New Frontier Help

dansigal wrote: View Post
Now I'm pondering if once I'm done with that I should move on as planned or go back and start NF. I think its something like 18 books of NF to catch up to where the "Time To" series ends. Any suggestions?
I'd say they are separate from the storyline you are reading. The only time they really intersect is a case where they don't merge well together at all. So it would probably be better if you read them seperately so you won't be as taken aback by the continuity gaffs.

However there is speculation that The Fall miniseries could pick up a plot thread from the latest NF book. If that end's up being the case then that would change my recommendation.

zarkon wrote: View Post
Since you're reading through NF, I'd also recommend "Strike Zone", a good romp that introduces a species that gets a fair amount of time in later NF books(by no means is it required reading though, just gives you a fun extra bit of reference).
What species is that? I've never read Strike Zone.

NightJim wrote: View Post
I know this is looking quite a way forward, but what about the Mirror Universe novels. I would have thought they were completely separate, but wikipedia has them in the main group.
The only way in which they connect are the fact that mirror versions of the New Frontier crew are in quite a few Mirror Universe tales.

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