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Re: Seth Macfarlane tapped to host this years Academy Awards!

MacFarlane was a lot better than I expected. I'm a huge Family Guy fan, but always found him kind of smug and off-putting in person. But I thought he actually came across really well last night, and the stuff with Shatner, the boob song, the sock puppets, and flying nun had me rolling on the floor.

Other aspects of the show seemed a bit strange though. Like the heavy emphasis on musicals (I loved the Chicago movie, but.... what was that about?), the Bond stuff, and the incredibly awkward way they introduced the Best Picture nominees in groups of three.

And Argo as Best Picture? Really? It was a great, well-executed thriller, but nothing we haven't seen before. Especially in the 1970s, when movies like The French Connection, Three Days of the Condor, etc were kind of the norm.

To me, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and even Beasts of the Southern Wild were MUCH more interesting and original.
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