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Re: Would TMP have been better had they used the TOS uniforms?

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Which in a real sense, is my point. Trying to adhere Starfleet to real-world organizations doesn't really work all the time, because Starfleet doesn't really have a real-world counterpart that is exactly like it. Starfleet can indeed have its own rationale for doing things--the look of its ships, the look of its uniforms, certain policies, etc.--and as such, the idea that it can do things because it simply wants to is likely valid (if not often the case) in many situations.
I don't understand this point.
I don't know why, it's real simple: Starfleet sometimes has its own reasons for doing things. It can't get any more simpler than that, truly.
An organization can't want to do anything, and when the people who run it make changes, they make them for some underlying reason. Making large-scale decisions based on personal whims is not realistic, no matter the century.
See above statement.
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Depending solely on how you view Starfleet. In fact, I think the majority of issues people might have with Starfleet is when there are points of direct incompatibility with present or historical organizations, and in such instances, the easiest way to reconcile them is by looking at Starfleet is as its own thing with frequently its own way of doing things.
But my criticism wasn't based on incompatibility with the real world, but with its own established precedent.
The only established precedent about Starfleet uniforms is that they frequently change. In light of any onscreen explanation for why they change, all we can go on is speculation and change just for the sake of change is as valid an idea as any other.
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