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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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If we are going to talk about hilarity how about how hilarious it is that a person goes around a BBS board all day speaking over others as if they had some sort of authority just because they once had a connection to it 20 years ago.

I guess we all need to cling to something.
I didn't know Squiggy worked on Star Trek? I thought that was another poster...
Well I won't name names because that would make it personal you know? Let's just call him/her/them Star Trek fan(s) and laugh at him/her/them because that's ok around here as long as it's not directed at anyone, just in general.
Like laughing at old people. See, that's fine.
"It's not that you can see the strings, it's that 40 years later you're still looking at them." - Steven Moffat
"This movie was big. Imagine how big it could have been with me in it?" William Shatner
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