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Re: Soundtrack Release for Star Trek Into Darkness ??

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Well they used it in the 9 min preview thing, so unless the movie version uses different music ( though I doubt they would) it's in there at least once. Besides I do think they reuse theme tunes in sequels.
I think I heard that the music on the 9 minute preview was supposed to be temporary, since Giacchino hadn't started work on the soundtrack yet. So it might end up changing in the final film.
Though I did like the tune in the Mickey scenes.
With few exceptions, the music is the last part of a movie to be done, since the composer generally can't start working until all of the timing for everything else is pretty well set and nailed in place. Any music used in trailers before the film is finished and in the can is likely to be temporary, though that's not to say that some form of the last movie's theme won't make an appearance in the score for this one.
I will be greatly surprised if it doesn't make an appearance.

I wonder what they'll do for the credits this time. Will we get a variation on the TOS theme again or something else.

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