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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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No one has commented on why the Governor was holding a match up to his eye. Even the guys on Talking Dead seemed confused about that. I got the impression that was the first time he'd had the bandages off and was testing whether he had any vision left in that eye... and the answer was no. His body language sure read that way. Any opinions?
My first thought was that he needed more light to see the wound. He was close up to the mirror, but the light was behind him, meaning he was blocking the light to see the wound by. So he lights a match to get a good look at it. He does get to test the vision in the eye that way, too.

I just remember thinking "if he starts digging around in there, I'm changing the channel." I've been okay with every gory thing they've showed us so far, but I could not handle that.
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