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Re: Stargate SG-1 Audio Dramas on iTunes?

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Thanks for the link/information. They did have minute and a half trailers on iTunes and they sound basically like a radio drama featuring short stories from the series. I'll probably download the first one and see how it is and report back. My wife and I were fans of the series around the time it first came out and then lost track of it after S3. At some point, I plan on watching the series on Netflix and/or buying it on DVD and watching through the rest of the series.

Does the series get better? Or worse? Or pretty much stay the same? I thought that the first two seasons were really strong/entertaining. I felt that the Season 2 finale/Season 3 premiere was sort of weak.
Seasons 1 - 5 all were Produced by Showtime, I don't recall anyone ever having anything bad to say about a decline in quality. S6, SciFi Channel's first Season I think everyone pretty much likes as much as the Showtime years.

S7, onward, depending on who you listen to, you will get some folks complaining about drop in quality.

S8, pretty much wraps up the Go'auld threat story arc, so, S9 and 10 are a very different show, with a different story arc in the forefront (Though there is still some Go'Auld drama, so, you will get folks who don't like S9 and S10).

I find something to enjoy about the entire 10 Seasons of SG1, personally.

As far as Audio Books/ Audio Plays, that's what I listen to in my pick up on my commute to work and back every day. I really enjoy the Docto Who universe Audioplays. I have a pretty big backlog of stuff to listen to at the moment (1/2 Hour commute, and still about 10 hours left of HP Book 6, and all 23+ hours of Book 7, about 15 hours of Doctor Who Universe, and about 50 hours of Mordant's Need Books 1 and 2, these are all already purchased, downloaded and burned to D, sitting waiting tobe listened to, and HP Book 6 is what I am currently listening to). If I didn't have such a backlog, I would very likely get Blake's 7 and Stargate SG1 Audioplays fo rmyself. Unfortunately, by the time I get through my current backlog, there will be likely another big pile of releases for Big Finish Doctor Who universe for me to get caught up on again, so, it'll likely be ths time next year, before I'm looking for anything else to listen to, but, I definitely do want to ge around to SG1 and Blake's 7 at some point.
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