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Re: New Frontier Help

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I know this is looking quite a way forward, but what about the Mirror Universe novels. I would have thought they were completely separate, but wikipedia has them in the main group.
It's been a while, but I don't _think_ they ever tie up to the prime universe, so they're ok to skip. There was a decline in quality following the heady heights of the superb "Stone & Anvil" so I don't remember the plots of the books after that particularly well :/

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These are actually the first Peter David Star Trek works I've read, having tried a few of the books in the late 90s. Now I wish I had the Imzadis too.
Imzadi, Q Squared & A Rock and a Hard Place are must reads. Q in Law & Imzadi 2 are a great deal of fun too(none of his books are bad really, although others disagree when it comes to "Before Dishonour").

Since you're reading through NF, I'd also recommend "Strike Zone", a good romp that introduces a species that gets a fair amount of time in later NF books(by no means is it required reading though, just gives you a fun extra bit of reference).
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