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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

Nemesis, but Insurrection but it in a vulnerable position.

There was the four year gap to try and build up anticipation, and if it was a good film it could have worked. Also, I remember the old joke of "it's a even number so it'll be good" going around, so fans hoped the series could be saved.

But then it came out. Introduced the weird sister race to the Romulans, which lost a lot of the impact of using them. Tom Hardy as a young Picard cloen could have been brilliant, and by the look of the test footage, it very well could have been. We know from his more recent work he can be amazing, but whether it was his serious drug problems or the director it went wrong. Costume designer didn't help either.

That said, Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner did want off. Spiner in particular was getting very aware that he couldn't be an un-ageing android any more. That's why Data died, though why they then introduced B4 never made any sense to me. I always assumed it was a Get Out of Jail Free Card that some execs insisted upon.
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