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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

After FC, INS was a pretty big letdown but it still felt like a ST:TNG story. Nem, aside from a few parts, was a mess IMHO, particularly given the continuity issues (Romulans, Data/B4). After having so many stories over the years about Klingons and other species, I was pleased that they had finally decided to have a movie featuring Romulans.......except it didn't really. It primarily featured a human Picard clone (who wasn't really a clone-Patrick Stewart playing both roles would've been better IMHO) and a whole other race that we hadn't heard about as the primary adversaries. Next up we have ANOTHER Data clone that isn't Lore (what a wicked twist it would have been if it was) that we had never heard about before either. Had integrating the story and characters into it not been too difficult, Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges into a full-length movie would've been a better Romulan story IMHO. A post-Dominion War storyline involving the Romulans (one of the few remaining AQ powers following the DW as Sloan correctly predicted) was a good idea but executed terribly, unfortunately.

What's funny is that we get a Romulan adversary for the NEXT movie as well but, again, he is an outcast as well. The political intrigue stories on TNG/DS9 were what made the Romulans so interesting and would've helped make NEM better IMHO.
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