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Re: Wonderful Enterprise 1702 (Fan made) flying at future earth


obviously I misunderstood you due to my bad English. I apologize for that and I did not realize that you are the same guy like before.

When I looked for the word "probed" translated it like someone who need to be checked by a psychologist. If you meant that, my words are completely right. If you didn't meant that, I think you could have told me without insulting me again. You had the ability to see that I misunderstood your words, which I still do not understand. I did not have this ability due to the fact that I just trusted a dictionary on the internet.

Sorry, but your Vietnam story has nothing to do with me, Star Trek or anything else attached to that topic. I am not living in America, so there is even no relationship between this argument and me. I am sorry if you run through a hard time, but you did not do that for me or my country, you did just not saved me. Additionally, I am not a war fan, the opposite is the case. Consequently, I have nothing to say to that.

Just realized that you meant it like I understood, you just did not meant me: You should actually not insult somebody else too. If the UFO guy likes to do what he does, he has the right to do so without getting insulted by somebody who things it is stupid to spend time with that.

I don't know, why you think you should tell me that there are people that like you? Did I doubted that? Actually not, I just said that I prefer to spend my time with my animation instead of insulting people. Honestly, I would also prefer to read something about UFOs, instead of insulting anybody.

I appreciate that you liked my video and I still apologize for attacking you. But your comment was also not clear and you still insulted somebody here which you can admit, can't you? You Vietnam story really does not give you the right to do so.

Anyway, I forgive you and hope the UFO guy does the same and I hope that you simply show that you are a good guy which has been misunderstood by forgiving me too and apologizing by the UFO guy and stop insulting people which think different than you. It is all about respect and tolerance, which is the base of Star Trek, isn't it?

I would appreciate if my comment and also the "probe" and "Vietnam" of Junxon and comment gets deleted since they are out of topic. Thanks in advance.

Further explanation: It might help you to understand me when I tell you that I have been insulted more than 2000 times, because of my Star Trek animations. I never listened to that because I knew that none of the haters are able to anything similar. But it still hurts. You cannot do anything against it, it just hurts when your hard work is non-constructively criticized. And I am sure it also hurts when people say that you have to go to a psychologist because of the thing you believe in.
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