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Re: Captain Kirk At The Oscars!

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Yeah, saw it too... Meh. I thought he looked quite a bit out of form...
You can't be serious. The guy is 81. How do you expect him to look?

I thought mcfarlane was the best host in years. He cracked me up all night and has a great voice.
I'm not talking about his age, but his reciting of the script. Still, it was fun seeing him on it. In retrospect, I think McFarlane should have leveraged him as an anchor point for the show, but moving beyond the thermometer of Seth's failure.

The whole bit about McFarlane doing a terrible job, by virtue of Kirk's peek into the future, was kind of a funny idea, but despite McFarlane's singing talent it felt like the overall presentation was telegraphed as such--mediocre. The "boobies" bit was funny for about 10-15 seconds, but then that should have been it. Instead, we get the whole teeth grinding number.

The performance of the other presenters was terrific, though. Despite Seth, I thought the show was generally entertaining.

The whole feeling I got was like McFarlane making the show more about himself than the presenters, at least obvious in the first quarter of the show. I'll go on record now saying that he won't be back anytime soon. I'm not the only one who thinks so (NYTimes comments).
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