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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

EW is having a series of Gorn intros. This is part 1:

Wow, he is nasty — but also a somewhat regal bearing, no? In the new game, the Commander is the leader of the Gorn and his lime-colored shock troops have invaded New Vulcan, the refuge that is home to the survivor community from Mr. Spock’s obliterated homeworld. The Commander is large (10-feet tall) and in charge (which he gives him plenty of opportunity for torture and arranged blood-sport).

The Gorn Commander is a higher class of Gorn, and not far below him are the cunning and pragmatic Gorn Sentinels, one of the largest, strongest, and most vicious of the hissing invaders. Their weapon of choice is the Arc Driver, the most powerful handheld weapon in their clawed clutches — it unleashes a bolt of energy that disintegrates all organic matter — especially if they are wrapped in a red shirt. Sentinels are visually imposing but their tactical power make them more than just another ugly face.
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