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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

You put Rick in the likable group?
Oh good heavens, yes. Rick suffers so much from having tried to be a decent human being through it all. His worthless wife turns on him when he kills Shane (who was perfectly content to kill him) and doesn't get her shit together until the very end...and he still mourns her? God, Lori deserved to have her ass kicked six ways from Sunday after the shit she pulled. Rick doesn't even know if Judith is his and it doesn't matter to him because the baby was Lori's and she's Carl's little sister. Rick recognizes Daryl's worth. Rick cares when people die because they matter to him. Yes, Rick is immensely likable.

A great deal of that is the way Lincoln plays the character. He's an excellent choice. The man does angst like a champion.

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