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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

I quite liked the Larfleeze episode. He's a fun and mischievous character and it was nice to finally see him in live action. I also liked the that the episode touched on how the mind can be taken over. It's something a lot of us face with unwanted thoughts and habits, so it was worthwhile. I'm also fascinated by the orange lantern itself and how there's only one member. Considering it deals with greed, it's very fitting. I've always thought that if I had a ring, it would be an orange one, since I don't like to take orders. Power's all mine!

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Over in GL, it's kind of a coincidence that Larfleeze should show up just days after I read my first comic that he was in (the Lex Luthor-focused The Black Ring miniseries by Paul Cornell). At least I had an idea what to expect. I think Tom Kenny, maybe, would've been a better voice for Larfleeze than Dee Bradley Baker. I imagined something more high-pitched and craven. I mean, Larfleeze is basically Gollum, it seems to me.
Try to find the Larfleeze Christmas Special is you can. I got it last year and loved it. It's a fun read. You'll get to see Larfleeze and his sidekick Glomulus take on the spirit of Christmas and learn nothing. But it's still got heart and a great orange lantern cookie recipe thrown in.

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