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Re: The Constellation's registry number

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Surely what's spoken carries more weight than illegible background screen graphics and the like?
In the "Starship Class" plaque case, it's present and readable in all three seasons. And it is not contradicted within it's own series. Only later series attempt to alter that.

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And besides, new canon overwrites old canon, and new canon is decided by whoever rules the franchise. That's how it works - so Picard's "Constitution-class" in TNG's "Naked Now" and "Relics" overwrites anything contrary in TOS, just as "James T. Kirk" overwrote "James R. Kirk" 45 years ago.
And Kirk is still alive in "Relics" but dead in "Generations". Which "Constitution Class" is Picard talking about in "Relics" then?

James R Kirk doesn't become a contradiction until we catch it being used again by another character or graphic. All we have with James R Kirk is that a fallible, wanna-be mutant super being liked ribbing Kirk.

The idea that new canon overwrites old canon no longer works. Star Trek with all it's different productions is in comic book land with the different series not agreeing with each other. It's saving grace is the ever present alternate / multi-universes that is part of all the series. Even the Abrams Star Trek movie taps into that.

Going back to "The Naked Now" - there isn't anything that specifically contradicts the past "Starship Class" designation. Unless you also want to say Kirk was never an Admiral as well?
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