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Re: TNG Caption This! 306: Second Captions

Bass Player: At least it's not that pretentious robot.

Data: The light bulb needs to be changed, sir.
Riker: I'll put it in my report to Starfleet. Where's that engineering team? We need to determine it's manufacture.
Worf: Shoot it out, Commander!
Engineer: Good thing I trained all those years as a warp field specialist. <Breaks out hand torch>
Worf & Riker: Whoa!
Data: WTF? <performs internal diagnostic>

Thomas <out of the corner of his mouth>: Don't look now, Commander. There is one behind me disguised in an officer's uniform.

Will: Klingons are our allies now.

Thomas: There's a Klingon too?

Crusher: Next distract your opponent with "The Camel Toe Maneuver."

Thomas: Watch out for the Cave Monster!
Will: It's just an old blow up doll - that looks like Deanna.
Thomas: Oh, so that's where that went.

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