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Re: Wonderful Enterprise 1702 (Fan made) flying at future earth

i said i liked your ship. so clearly you didn't pay attention to my first comment.

in fact go back up this thread and read my first comment. go on i'll wait for you.

the 'probed' comment was to the guy that studies ufos.

how dare you come in here criticizing me for criticizing you when i didn't in the first place. i pity the fool, it's people like you that are ruining the internet for us salt of the earth types, bet you've never done an honest days work in your life, you're no fan of star trek, i didnt fight through two veitnam wars to save you from the greeks for the right to wrongly criticize people, how dare you sir, continue disjointed rant, etc etc

so yeah.... 'people like me'

Hello to Jason Isaacs!

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