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Re: What Are You Working On (And How Are You Getting There)?

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- Trying to learn to use my insulin pump to its fullest potential so that I can have better control of my diabetes.

- Trying not to lose my temper with my dad while I plant some seeds of skepticism so that maybe he'll stop blaming me for having diabetes and stop recommending stupid fucking naturopaths. There is little in this world that causes me as much disgust as alternative "medicine."

- Trying to learn the ukulele.
I used to say never a larger scam was put into play than "natural medicine" until I met the Leahman Brothers.
Seriously. And the really clever bit is that the scammers convince their victims that it's really everyone else being scammed, so all the reason they fail to write off with magic they can write off with conspiracy theory.

and I saw your ukulele vid, not bad, but could use my ocarina
Haha, I had an ocarina when I was a kid! And the guy at Pike Place Market in Seattle who I bought it from is still there selling!

Oh, and I'm much better at the ukulele than I was a couple weeks ago -- I can play that song without halting between chords, and I've got a few more complicated songs under my belt. Still getting there, though. It's certainly not a difficult instrument, but the tuning is a little counter-intuitive for me as a cellist, and I really don't have any right hand technique as I'm used to holding a bow. It's fun, though!

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