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Re: Captain Kirk At The Oscars!

^^^ Me too. It was cool to see him as Kirk one more time. I was actually quite surprised at how authentic they tried to make everything look. They were clearly going for a TFF/TUC look and feel with the chair and bridge panel behind him with the period-correct LCARS images. The tunic actually had the correct insignia on it and looked quite authentic - with one exception - the front flap. The flap seam should be straight down the middle and it was very off-center, with the flap itself looking like it was made from a different material from the rest of the tunic. I get the impression that someone messed up his measurements and they had to do some last-minute adjustments by replacing the flap fabric. Other than that one thing, though, it was clear they tried to make it look good.

IIRC, McFarlane's a big Trek-head. He probably had some input on trying to make everything look correct. And "We saw your boobs" was definitely an interesting departure from standard Oscar fare. Me liked it...
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