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Re: Notes re. The City On The Edge Of Forever....

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Justman's memos show he could be incredibly snarky. He was overdramatic in a funny sort of way, I've read a fair number of memos from the show that most people haven't seen, and while Justman often had very valid comments, his ideas for "fixing" stories were often bad...he wasn't a writer and it shows. None of this is to say his notes on the City should be dismissed. He makes some very valid points in general.
And clearly some of his suggestions here were acted upon (notably the way the staircase scene is played out).

Anji wrote: View Post
Thanks for posting this memo. Interesting read. But I tell you if I was Roddenberry I would've tossed that memo after reading the first paragraph. I don't care for people with attitude like that.
Roddenberry must have had a lot of confidence in his judgment.

T'Girl wrote: View Post

It's difficult to believe that Mister Justman thought that a sizable portion of the American audience wouldn't know who Adolf Hitler was, the second world war was only some 21 years in the past.
He probably meant that children were a large portion of the Star Trek audience. I was 12 years old in 1980 and would still have had no idea who Ho Chi Minh was.
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