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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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No way it'll last. Merle will fuck it up.
Possibly. Although Herschel tried to reach him through scripture (great moment, BTW), if everything falls apartm I still see Merle trying to take his revenge against Rick. Additionally, note how Merle was scoping the scene as Beth was singing. Yes, many though Axel was going in that direction, but Merle is a different animal...

Glad to see Michonne actually speak and tell Andrea how much she'd disappointed her.
Same here. She twisted the psychological knife into Andrea during that scene, and was correct in doing so. More than being just a warrior woman with a scowl, she displayed how hurt she was by Andrea taking sides with the psycho.

I don't know what is up with Andrea. Was she afraid the town would turn on her if she knifed the governor? If she was realistially afraid of that I could understand. However, if it's a matter of her simply not wanting to do it, why the hell didn't she just stay at the prison? The governor told her to stay. I loved Carol's evil plan, though. It was practical in the most brutal sense.
Remember, Rick was not going to let her stay, so she had no choice in the matter. Its implied that she does not kill the governor because she is--as she put it--the "odd man out" from Rick's group, depsite their shared past and struggles. However, if she was just suffering from indecision with the thought of killing "Phillip," she will live to regret that, especially since the madman was already throwing suggestive glances at Tyreese's sister.

On that note, it is clear what will make Tyreese jump ship at Woodbury.
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