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^Relayer1, vegetarian is a very loose term. People use it to describe everything from totally vegan (no animal products at all) to I'll-eat-anything-except-the-meat-of-land-animals. So, yes, some people who call themselves vegetarian do eat shellfish.

This has been accepted as official for longer than I've been around.

The Vegetarian Society, established on 30 Sept.1847.
One reason I have enjoyed- and participated in- this thread is because everyone has been welcoming and friendly... even to those of us who are not strict vegetarians. PLEASE continue this open, welcoming spirit I have come to love.

Although I am not a vegetarian, I really love coming here to learn about a healthier diet. I am also a foodie, of sorts, and have learned much in my time here.
teacake, thanks so much for explaining Vegemite in a way that makes me yearn for a taste! I am hoping to find and try some.
I'm a bit taken aback that my brief post could be viewed as unfriendly - it was just short and factual. Rereading it, however, it could seem a bit aggressive. Sorry - my fault.

It is, however, an issue that some people who just avoid red meat call themselves veggie when they are nothing of the sort. I'm sick of people offering me chicken or fish when I say I'm vegetarian. Its not hard to understand, but the waters are getting muddied.

Meat eaters are very welcome to enjoy and discuss vegetarian food. Some cruelty free food is actually rather nice !
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