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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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I did express some doubt whether the pictures are authentic (compare the proportions of the embayment to authentic VFX model shots). They could simply be a fan's reproduction of the original model (did this come from a modeler's magazine???).
They might be reproductions. OTOH, in the Photo Request thread, USS Mariner posts some pics (which unfortunately are no longer there) in #16 which Professor Moriarty used in his CGI model. FalTorPan comments on it in #37 and he mentions seeing "Fueling Station". I wonder if the pics posted by USS Mariner had close ups in it?

In either case, for my purposes since it isn't readable it can mean anything. "Fueling Station" makes sense but if I had to pick from the decal sheet, "Ground Lock" and "Oxygen Vent" have my vote.
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