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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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And another hint is the unique size of Wesley's command chair (in contrast to those aboard Enterprise, Exeter and Defiant). That tells me: Starfleet's flagship

I think a more reasonable explanation is that Wesley preferred an extension on his chair for extra support.
Since you said yourself "It's just a TV show" and probably know they were under a tight budget, maybe you can explain better off-universe why they went through the extra hazzle of only extending Wesley's command chair and not those of Enterprise, Exeter or Defiant (the only other example with an extended command chair was the ISS Enterprise from "Mirror, Mirror", possibly Starfleet's flagship in the mirror universe).

Apparently, the producers wanted to suggest something about Wesley and the Lexington being different and I'd dare to say that a bigger chair suggests bigger authority.

When you are done laughing, maybe we can hear your theory?

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