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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Likable--Daryl, Carol, Rick, Herschel, Glen, Maggie
You put Rick in the likable group? He would be the first after Andrea I'd kill off, he was always a moron but now he's a crazy moron. The only reason he was a good leader was because he led a group of even bigger morons.
But with Daryl being Daryl, Carol growing a spine and brain and Herschel being generally awesome they don't need him anymore. Make Daryl the field commander, Carol the pragmatic tactician/advisor with Herschel acting as the heart/conscience, those three should be co-leaders.
Glenn and Maggie are Lieutenants/capable fighters who can be trusted and if Michonne is successfully integrated into the group she will be their one woman special forces.

They really don't need Rick, he's a liability.

They don't need Rick
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