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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Amazing find, blssdwlf! In your shuttle storage thread Mytran presented what would be the corresponding close-up shot of the embayment on the starboard side.

I did express some doubt whether the pictures are authentic (compare the proportions of the embayment to authentic VFX model shots). They could simply be a fan's reproduction of the original model (did this come from a modeler's magazine???).

What confuses me here, is that Richard Datin (he knew best) claimed that texts of the text sign sheet had been used for the flight deck signage, but none of these signs in these close-up shots do feature any of this text and apparently use a different font style for the lettering.

Apparently Richard Datin had high resolution shots of the original flight deck miniature with text, but what he posted on his website lacks the necessary resolution to decipher the text.

Unless I'd see solid evidence to the contrary, I'd assume the close-up shots to come from a fan reproduction.

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