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Re: Early Evidence That You Were A Nerd

[QUOTE=Ulva;7729291][QUOTE=Emher;7727059 A friend of mine who was smitten by the Star Trek fever when TOS aired, got all fired up when I mentioned I was watching TNG and after that, things were never the same again. I was bitten. [/QUOTE]

This made me think about something similar that happened to me, but not with Trek.

Last time I was in Iraq a friend was helping me move my gear from one living quarters to another. He saw that I was currently reading Ender's Game and got all super excited and started asking if I was going to read the rest of the series so he would have someone to talk to about it.

I told him that while I was enjoying the book I didn't think I'd continue with the series as my other friend that had lent me the book told me the following books got a little strange.

He looked so heartbroken when I said that.
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