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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

I've never met any Trek actors but I went to a convention in Chicago a couple times to meet Robert Vaughn.

The first time I went with my father (who is now 2 years gone ) and when I met Robert Vaughn he was plesant enough and signed some Magnificent 7 and TMFU photos. Also there was Stella Stevens (sp?) who my dad was all about, but I had no idea who she was (guess she was in Trek as a guest or something). Linda Blair was there as well, but the line to meet her was way too long to stand in, but everyone that did meet her said she was really nice.

The next time I went (same convention and location but like a year later) I went with a college friend. We drove up from Southern Illinois for it. My friend asked Robert Vaughn (who was wearing the same gym suit as the year before lol) to sign an A-Team lunch box and I think he was a little put off by that, but he signed it. He also commented that no one had ever asked him to sign A-Team stuff before. He was nice to me.

We also met Richard Keil that trip. I'm a huge TZ fan and when I saw the Kanimut pictures on his table I was like "Oh damn that was him!" So I bought it and he signed it. He was a very cool guy. Took pics with me and my friend. He put his hands on my friend's head and acted like he was smushing her head in the pic and smiling. When we were leaving she was like "You're much nicer than SOMEONE here." and nodded in Robert Vaughn's direction. LOL
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