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Re: Are the Voyager novels not as popular?

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Really, isn't it kind of pushing it that so many live to the 2370s? Yeah, I get it, life spans are longer, but I was always under the impression that McCoy living as long as he did was a rarity. Making it to 150 would be like getting to 100 is today, it happens but is pretty damn rare. But the novels make it seem everyone from TOS is around and active at 120-130. Even "Mr Adventure!"
I could see Chekhov being still alive, he was around 20 years younger than McCoy, I think he was born roughly in the middle between McCoy and Elias Vaughn, who is around 100 in the DS9 relaunch

It seems like in Trek that 100 years old is more like 55-60 years old now, so Chekov would be like a current man in his mid to late 60's

150 = 100
100 = 60
50 = 40

That's how it seems to me that "Trek age" works compared to current age

If that makes any sense
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