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Re: TNG Caption This! 306: Second Captions

Double bass player: Erm commander, looks like the front is falling off...

Captain's log supplemental: The hunt continues for a swarm of spiders which turns my crew into a bunch of sissies...

Riker: There's something even worse than an arrogant upshot jerk; my transporter duplicate.

Beverly: -and then you get on top of him, hands upon his shoulders and you be the dominant one.
Troi: Wow, I never knew you were so passionate about making love!
Beverly: It's all I can think about in my spare time...
Troi: The captain is still giving you the cold shoulder?
Beverly: He hasn't a clue what he's missing.

Thomas Riker: Argh! Snakes in a crate!
Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

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