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Re: Seth Macfarlane tapped to host this years Academy Awards!

You'd think Ang Lee would give a shout out to Rhythm and Hues, also known as the VFX that practically made his movie. Oh and it's also the company that had to declare bankruptcy and lay off 250 artists and workers in between the release of Life of Pi, and tonight.

However, just like how the VFX award winners were pushed off the stage when they tried to bring to light the current business model of VFX being extremely exploitative to the artist, his lack of mention just shows how much respect the VFX industry really gets in Hollywood.

Get it through your head Hollywood. Ang Lee didn't bring Life of Pi to life. The hundreds of artists and technicians at R&H and other studios did, and while you get to go up there accept your big award, THEY got sent home with no paycheck, and no job.
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