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Re: Higgs Boson Mass points to end of our Universe

So the universe ends with the cosmic version of "Fuck it all, and reformat the drive"? Huh, seems fitting.

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In the new Higgs universe where basic physics gets altered, the laws of refraction might shift in a way that makes lens flare a serious and ongoing problem until we regrind or replace our existing cameras. This also implies that a warp starship could travel through regions of space where lens flare varies from normal, explaining why the effect would only be used during only selected parts of a movie, or in areas of the ship that aren't shielded as well. Data could probably adjust shield phase and nutation to reduce lens flare, which is why we never saw it on ST:TNG.
So that means this universe is no longer canon? Wait, am I no long canon? How does that affect my cosmological fanfic? Let me guess, Enterprise is still canon to both universes...great, just great.
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