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Re: Earth ship Valiant

There's actually a lot of info on the Valiant at According to it:

Although the Valiant's call letters aren't established in "Where No Man Has Gone Before", they are said to be "VAL 115" in the episode's script. [...]

The Valiant was again referred to as a galactic survey cruiser in Star Trek Maps (1980), which also gives the vessel the registry NCC-S1104. [...]

A model of the Valiant was built by Greg Jein for the first edition of the Star Trek Chronology (1993). On its hull the ship was named Valiant with no USS or SS. The model was also marked with the registry number ADC-11031 and the number 02 on the bridge module. [1] According to Doug Drexler, this model influenced the design of the SS Conestoga, a ship also launched in the 2060s, for the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Terra Nova". [2]
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