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I'm astonished at the idea that the presence of a telepathic link among individuals would necessarily eliminate disagreement, dissent, the accumulation of greater power in the hands of some individuals rather than others, or simple differences in mental capacities to process (and therefore bear responsibility for) concepts and actions. Especially since we've seen indications of all of these within Founder society canonically.
I submit that, while disagreement can exist in the Great Link, membership in the Link means that all changelings are responsible for the decisions that the Link makes. A "civilian" would be able to say they aren't responsible for or involved in the decisions made, but in the Link no changeling can legitimately claim they're not involved with or responsible for the decisions. They might not agree with the final decision, but disagreeing doesn't make them "civilians". That's like saying a general who disagrees with his superiors is a civilian.

But let's assume that all Founders are, in fact, pretty much the same. That they are all party to and accede to the decisions made in the Dominion's name. That they are all, in essence, guilty.

So what?

Their species and their culture have a right to exist. Period. Nothing invalidates that. Ever.
Do they have the right to exist at the expense of the freedom of the Alpha Quadrant?

Presumably the same thing it means among us -- the decision to express and inhabit a certain set of traits culturally assigned to one biological sex or another. One need not have a sex to have a gender; just ask the many individuals in real life whose gender identity expression differs from their biological sex.
It's more likely that gender doesn't mean anything among changelings, and the individual changelings just mimic gender when in humanoid form.

So how come Section 31 didn't use that leverage to get the Dominion to surrender long before the Battle of Cardassia?
I don't know. Maybe the S31 leadership, if such a thing exists, hadn't decided on the disposition of the cure. If they really were independent of UFP leadership, then the Federation's decision to not share the cure may not have factored into S31's final decision.
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