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We know that the Founders can reproduce and have children. The idea that they do not reproduce regularly is speculation; the idea that there are currently no Founder children is speculation.
Yes, absolutely it is speculation.
Right. And in lieu of further evidence to the contrary, decency demands that one assume that if there may be innocent civilians within a species population (because there have been innocent civilians within a species population), that there are innocent civilians present.

Please explain what you think a "civilian" is in the context of a society that isn't humanoid, and in fact is one exists primarily as a shapeless ocean of goo with an extensive telepathic link among all individuals.
I'm astonished at the idea that the presence of a telepathic link among individuals would necessarily eliminate disagreement, dissent, the accumulation of greater power in the hands of some individuals rather than others, or simple differences in mental capacities to process (and therefore bear responsibility for) concepts and actions. Especially since we've seen indications of all of these within Founder society canonically.

But let's set that aside.

But let's assume that all Founders are, in fact, pretty much the same. That they are all party to and accede to the decisions made in the Dominion's name. That they are all, in essence, guilty.

So what?

Their species and their culture have a right to exist. Period. Nothing invalidates that. Ever.

She was the one taking the lead in deciding Founder policy well before the outbreak of the war. She was the one they interacted with in numerous episodes set before then.
"She" (in quotes because what does gender mean among changelings?)
Presumably the same thing it means among us -- the decision to express and inhabit a certain set of traits culturally assigned to one biological sex or another. One need not have a sex to have a gender; just ask the many individuals in real life whose gender identity expression differs from their biological sex.

was at the very least the spokesperson for the policies of the Great Link. Was she their absolute leader?
I have no idea. But she seemed to be the one taking the lead in making decisions towards the Alpha Quadrant; there was a definite "first among equals" tendency, at least as far as AQ policy went.

An act of mass terrorism that risks an entire species's extermination is not a meaningful step up the moral ladder.
No, it's not a step up the "moral ladder", whatever that means to you. But holding a cure does provide leverage.
So how come Section 31 didn't use that leverage to get the Dominion to surrender long before the Battle of Cardassia?
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