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Congrats Chris!

Christopher wrote: View Post
I approached the uniform design as an intermediate step between the ENT and Kelvin uniforms, with elements foreshadowing later uniform designs as well.
Very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the cover art.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Anyway, whatever the show was called, the focus was on the characters, not the ship. This is the story of the early Federation through the eyes of Archer, T'Pol, and the rest, and that means they're involved with Federation ships and missions.
Interesting. It seems the series will not be a ship on a mission type tale. Seems bigger. I wonder what this early Federation's flagship is if not Enterprise? Will that be revealed in the first book with its crew?

Christopher wrote: View Post
To the extent that there will be familiar names and elements from other Trek series, they'll be ones that were referenced as part of the past -- either known to be present in the late 22nd century or chronologically vague enough that they could've been part of that milieu. Kinda like how the Romulan War novels featured such characters as Tobin Dax, Sarek's father Skon, and various members of the Stiles family.
That is very cool. Particularly those longe-lived ones like Dax.

Christopher wrote: View Post
My goal is to reveal the origins of the Prime-universe Federation as we know it from the TOS era and beyond. Naturally my brief as a tie-in author is to stay consistent with the canon, but there's a wealth of stuff we don't know about that first century of the UFP, so there's plenty of room for surprises and discoveries.
You have a large canvass. Good luck!
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